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  • Patti Low

Abbamax Southern European Tour: A Musical Odyssey Behind the Scenes.

"Jet-Setting to Rome's Luxury Vibes"

The excitement is palpable as Abbamax members—Patti, Riaa, Gordy, and Jens—converge at the airport, arriving from Marbella and London. The preparation for the Abbamax southern European Tour are over and the show is ready to go.

A swift transition to a luxurious hotel in Rome sets the stage for the tour's kick-off. Over dinner, the buzz about the upcoming show fills the air, and a spontaneous rehearsal is scheduled for the next morning.

"Reunited with the Team"

Nicely settled in, the first item on the agenda is to meet up with the production team. Stage assistants, sound engineers, stage managers, lighting technicians, and the indispensable chef "Martin" come together, sparking lively banter and exchanging the latest tales from the European music circuit. Amid laughter and camaraderie, Abbamax and the production crew share technical specifications and ideas for tonight's show. Just programming the lights is a piece of engineering all to itself. The sheer positivity in the air sets the scene for an amazing tour.

"Lights, Camera, Action: Showtime Thrills"

On the backstage monitor, Benny catches a glimpse of the first audience arrivals. He's thinking about the 47 consecutive standing ovations, wondering if tonight will be a smasher like the previous ones. Bjørn is busy changing strings on his beloved Fender, while Agneta is checking that the costumes are in order for the hundredth time while warming up her voice. Riaa is talking to her mom on Zoom while putting on her costume, and Alex, the session drummer, is going through his charts.

Abbamax on stage. Torches in the air.
Abbamax on stage. Torches in the air!

After all the hours of preparation, the show was an amazing success. The final crescendo takes us to the afterparty at Rome's legendary Goa Club. Abbamax and their team hit the dance floor, celebrating a successful show and dancing till the break of dawn. Next are a few days of holiday and packing up, heading for the next show.

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