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"You're all about the music. I'll bring my feathers." -  Ricky Matthews. Cruise Director. Royal Caribbean.

ABBAMAX Abba tribute are a live musical show performed by a professional tribute band. 

The band consist of 5 talented musicians, playing and singing live.

"I love them." -  Paul Crone. Granada television.

This Live Tribute Show is fully choreographed and the costumes are luxurious and sophisticated, enhancing the glamorous nostalgia of the real ABBA.

Patti&Ria-600x378-on stgae.jpg

"ABBAMAX are excellent. Very high standard." -

Having played for audiences of all ages and nationalities, the band have developed a unique formula in communicating with crowds – large or small, bringing warmth and intimacy to any situation.

ABBAMAX always project the contagious "on stage" -  atmosphere, that is so essential to a successful party.

ABBAMAX  have, performed in locations such as: EU, UAE, Israel, ASIA & US and are resident ABBA Performers at Royal Caribbean International.

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