ABBAMAX pay attention to every minute detail in their tribute to ABBA, from the flawless extensive harmonies and unique musicianship, to their energetic stage performance, while still maintaining an element of fun.

ABBAMAX on stage:

Having played for audiences of all ages and nationalities, the band have developed a unique formula in communicating with crowds – large or small, bringing warmth and intimacy to any situation. It has been said many times by clients, that ABBAMAX always project the contagious on – stage atmosphere, that is essential to a successful party.


ABBAMAX is one of the worlds most authentic and successful abba tributes, performing all over the world on cruise ships, at festivals and at corporate events.The band consists of 5 talented musicians, playing and singing live.The show is fully choreographed and the costumes are luxurious and sophisticated, enhancing the glamorous nostalgia of the real ABBA.

"You're all about the music. I'll bring my feathers."- Ricky Matthews. Cruise Director. Royal Caribbean.

World leading ABBA tribute.


Performing all over the world, ABBAMAX is setting the standard for authentic performances.



"I love them". - Paul Crone. Granada television.



"Abbamax are excellent. Very high standard." -



"Abbamax fantastic." - Cruise Reviews.

ABBAMAX Abba tribute is a live musical show performed by a professional tribute band. Ideal as party entertainment for corporate events, as wedding band, or as headliner acts in theaters and on cruise ships. ABBAMAX can, and has, performed in locations such as: EU, UAE, Israel, ASIA & US. ABBAMAX is based in Spain and in the UK.



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ABBAMAX. The worlds no1 ABBA Tribute.